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Just as the rabbit and the pocket rocket revolutionized the vibrator market, the sex swing and sex sling market has broken the barriers of gravity and couple endurance during lovemaking and foreplay for thousands of couples a day.

Sex Swings, also known as love swings, have been around in one form or another for more than 1,000 years because as everyone knows sex is better and lasts longer in zero gravity!

sex swings improve comfort and pleasure during love making

What is a Sex Swing?

A sex swing also known as a love swing is a type of harness be it strapping, ropes or cloth which is designed for sexual intercourse and oral sex where usually one partner is suspended while the other is able to move around the swing freely. Some swings are made where both sex partner fit inside the swing at the same time.

The concept of a sex swing is to allow 1 or more participants to be at a more comfortable height during sex while being cradled in various positions that enhance sexual stimulation and reliving pressure points.

The person in the sex swing can relax more with their hips flexed so that not only can their sex partner have an easier and more comfortable access to their anus, vagina or penis. The ability to use a variety position and angles that may normally be uncomfortable means that penetration can be deeper and it may be easier to access the g-spot and other sensitive areas.

Sex swings can be made from a variety of materials, most commonly nylon or leather and consist of 3 other major parts: a back support, a support for your butt, and stirrups for your legs. The other accessories some come with are anchor points for leg or wrist cuffs, pillows or extra padding and spinning attachments. . They may be suspended from single hook at the top or up to 4 chains or ropes. Properly maintained they can last a lifetime.

Some sex swing seats are made from metal (great way to freeze your butt off or worse), latex or rubber. Due to comfort, life expectancy, maintenance or the potential for allergic reaction we recommend no one of these materials and say to stick with cloth, nylon and leather.

Do Sex Swings Make Sex Better?

If using a sex swing means that you are more comfortable during sex due to the support, lack of pressure points, and gravity deifying ability, will get more stimulated because of better penetration and variety of sexual positions, and improve your stamina during lovemaking than YES! A Sex Swing will improve your sex life and make sex better!

A sex swing is strictly made for lovemaking and when you or your partner is inside it your weight completely supported so that your sweet spots are perfectly presented for action. If you are using the leg stirrups it makes them easier and more comfortable to remain open as wide as you need. Try doing that in a bed!

Whoever is outside the swing can easily move the person inside of it around and to various angles as well as heights which is extremely helpful when sex partners are of different heights. For foreplay the possibilities are endless and strictly limited by your imagination!

Sex swings are not just for athletic types want to have the most exciting sex possible, the people who can benefit the most are those with limited range of motion, weakness or reduced muscle control causing strength or stamina issues, and for some with chronic pain the support and weightlessness make the difference between no sex and enjoyable sex. For these people, using a sex swing may be the only way sex is pleasurable or even possible.

Of course if you are young and athletic, sex swings offer you a limitless amount of new positions you are your partner can explore better penetration and the ability to access any erogenous zone more easily.

Just watch the sex swing video below and you will see just some of the possibilities!

Video Demonstration Of A Sex Swing Being Used With A Stand

Sex Swing Demonstration with a Sex Swing Stand sold by Tantric Sex Toys

This video leaves little to the imagination and shows the set up and use of the Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing and our Fetish Fantasy Swing Stand. If you watch this video and don’t want to run out and buy a sex swing right now, I just don’t know what is wrong with you!

What Types of Sex Swings are There?

Standard Hanging Sex Swings

A Standard Hanging Sex Swing is the most popular model sold and offers the most benefits of all the sex swings - especially for those who have mobility of physical issues. These swings offer the most range in motion and will have the greatest number of possible sexual positions along with the greatest weight capacity.

A hanging sex swing can be either mounted in a beam in the ceiling or a door frame. When not in use the swing can be unhooked and stored out of sight. Hanging plants or decorations are commonly used to disguise the mounting hardware.

You can also have a hanging sex swing mounted on a portable Sex Swing Stand for the most flexibility. Stands can be assembled or taken apart in about 5 minutes with practice. A sex swing stand is the best option for renters, boat and RV owners, or if your ceiling can not accommodate the weight and torque of you swinging around.

Standard hanging sex swings are best made from Nylon or Leather. They can also be made as Spinning Models and Bondage Versions with more hardware options and accessories.

Door Mounted Sex Swings

There are also Door Mounted Sex Swings which get fixed to a door frame. The are usually far cheaper than a standard sex swing and do not require mounting to a beam in the ceiling or having to purchase an additional sex swing stand.

Highly portable and very easy to store, these can be a great choice for people on the go. Door mounted sex swing do not have the range of motion and as many sexual positions possible that a standard hanging sex swing has and generally offer a less support as well.

Body Sex Swings and Sex Slings

The body swing/sex sling is meant for the more athletic sex partners that are in good shape. Most commonly the female or smaller partner is the one in the sling held up by the man or larger partner holding the partner in the sling.

Sex Slings may also be used in beds or on the ground and become a bondage toy. They also can be used to hold someone in a particular position that may be harder to hold without the assistance of a sling.

Highly portable and requiring no mounting of any sort, these are the most portable of the sex swings. They however do not offer much benefit to persons with limited mobility.

Which Sex Swing is Right for Me?

Your first concern when picking out a love swing should be are you using it to improve sex for more medical reasons such as mobility, body weakness or chronic pain you should stock with a swing that has better support and a free standing unit, not a door mounted or portable sex sling.

The highest recommend swings for those with these issues would be the Bondage Sex Swing, the Pleasure Swing or the Strict Leather Premium Sex Sling Sex Swing. Sex swings are sometimes considered a medical device and in some states your doctor can write a prescription for one. If you have medical condition you should consult with your doctor.

The next question should be how and where will you mount it? For some the only choices are door mounted swings, for others that can’t mount it in their ceiling they will need to buy a stand as well.

Next you need to consider if one or both of you will be in the sex swing at once and pay attention to the weight limit of the swing and stand if you need one.

If you are into leather, you have reduced your choices further to Leather Sex Swings with slightly less versatility, but you will not be disappointed in their functionality and comfort.

Lastly if bondage is your thing, you will want a bondage sex swing that is not only a regular sex swing, but has the additional features if it tickles your fancy.

We tested 41 models and listed the best below broken down by catagory. Our ratings were based upon quality of materials and workmanship, design and functionality of the product, ease of set up, breakdown and storage, overall value and of course customer feedback.

The best combination we have tested since 2001 of all the sex swings and stands is the Bondage Sex Swing and the Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing Stand. This is the best built, most versatile and best value combination of all the sex swing setups. It fits virtually anyw without mounting and you can take it with you.

We want you to understand that Sex Swings can turn you and your sex partner into sexual superstars, however you really need some practice before you get into the ’swing’ of many of the crazier sex swing positions - especially on a spinning sex swing.

You can read an erotic Sex Swings Story that is not only true, I can assure you, it will get you hot!

Standard Style Sex Swings

Pleasure Swing Pink

Sex Toy 474-20-585

Pleasure Swing Pink

This Pure Passion Pink Pleasure swing is easy to assemble and can accommodate up to 400 pounds due to its strong nylon straps which are adjustable and extra wide for maximum strength, flexibility and comfort so you will be ready for as many new exciting sexual positions your heart can desire!

This pink sex swing also has a spring for extra bouncy fun and can ceiling mounted or can be used with any of our Sex Swing Stands that... [more about this sex toy]

Rated: (4.7)  sex toy rating sex toy review sex toy review sex toy review sex toy rating 

Pleasure Swing Wild Cheetah

Sex Toy 474-20-25

Pleasure Swing Wild Cheetah

Airborne sex action! Deep standing sex g-spot Penetration, Easy Sitting Sex, Orgasmic Oral Sex, Amazing masturbation! Experience HUNDREDS of new sexual positions in this GRAVITY-DEFYING SEX SWING! Padded leopard-print velvet is so comfortable, you will never make love on anything else!

Fully adjustable, pre-assembled and ready to go. Just hook it up to any wooden door frame or ceiling beam, and swing away! Holds up to 450 lbs. Comes with instruction booklet.... [more about this sex toy]

Rated: (4.0)  sex toy rating sex toy review sex toy review sex toy review 

Trinity Sex Swing

Sex Toy 474-20-584

Trinity Sex Swing

Spice up your sex life and be more comfortable in the bedroom as you swing into action with the Trinity Sex Swing with its variety of ergonomically advantageous sex positions. You can achieve more with this sex swings padded supports for your back, as well as you butt, thighs, feet and calves.

To allow for an easily adjustable comfortable fit, the thick nylon straps have self-tightening buckles and to get better leverage and a wider range of lovemaking angles and motions this sex swing has a torque bar for added support.

The The Trinity Sex Swing is easy to install with the enclosed mounting hardware. If your ceiling can not safely handle your combined weight we suggest purchasing a Sex Swing Stand which are sold separately and easily break down for storage. You... [more about this sex toy]

Rated: (4.2)  sex toy rating sex toy review sex toy review sex toy review sex toy rating 

Fetish Fantasy Yoga Sex Swing

Sex Toy 474-20-31

Fetish Fantasy Yoga Sex Swing

You do not need special strength, balance or agility to defy the laws of gravity and enjoy sexual positions you never thought were possible when you use this Yoga Sex Swing. Swing into difficult sexual positions you never imagined with the worlds first ever Yoga Sex Swing that is so versatile it allows you to move into a range of yoga positions both in the horizontal and vertical positions, strengthening and stretching virtually every muscle in the body required for amazing sex.

Not only will this Yoga Sex Swing improve your flexibility, it will increase your sexual stamina, build your core muscles and gets you in shape for satisfying sex. Now, ordinary couples can use yoga to perform the most difficult, most stimulating sexual positions ever imagined and enjoy weightless sex in unlimited positions and explore your deepest fantasies.

With practice you will be able to execute ease all sorts of new sexual positions that would normally require tremendous exertion and ski... [more about this sex toy]

Rated: (4.6)  sex toy rating sex toy review sex toy review sex toy review sex toy rating 

Diva Comfort Seat Love Swing

Sex Toy 474-20-32

Diva Comfort Seat Love Swing

Weightless Sex With A Comfy Seat and a Dildo Option with a Silicone Plug Included. Your Diva Comfort Sex Swing... [more about this sex toy]

Rated: (4.1)  sex toy rating sex toy review sex toy review sex toy review 

Fetish Fantasy Swing

Sex Toy 474-20-27

Fetish Fantasy Swing

With a fully adjustable sex swing like the fantasy sex swing, every position in now not only possible, it is comfortable and far more sexually satisfying as well.

Now you can enjoy like a champ airborne sex as well as standing doggy and G-spot thrusting without any knee or back pressure. You will also be able to have in-the-air oral, gravity-defying grinding and easy sitting swing sex without having to be an Olympic athlete!

As a matter of fact, this style sex swing is perfect if you have mobility issues or huge height differences between partners. Fully-adjustable and comfortable, this sex swing can support up to 350 pounds and comes with everything you need for quick and easy installation... [more about this sex toy]

Rated: (4.3)  sex toy rating sex toy review sex toy review sex toy review sex toy rating 

Bondage Sex Swings

You don’t have to be into bondage to really enjoy a sex swing, but if you are or just curious to give it a try, these sex swings have strategically placed hardware such as D-rings and additional straps or stirrups that make it easier and more comfortable to be secured in a variety of exciting positions.

All of these highly rated bondage sex swings are designed to be mounted to your ceiling or make use of a sex swing stand. Hint: the sex swing stands have additional unlimited bondage possibilities too!

Bondage Sex Swing: White

Sex Toy 474-20-576

Bondage Sex Swing: White

Of all the nylon sex swings we tested, this one is my favorite! You don’t have to be a college age athlete or a sexually gifted porn star to feel like one in this bondage sex swing as not only are difficult sexual positions much easier to attain, by reducing the strain on your knees and back your stamina will greatly be able to increase and your lovemaking sessions will last longer with a faster recovery.

While you are enjoying the weightless sex you have never before been able to obtain, this is the best bondage equipment we tried between the wrist and ankle cuffs, strategically placed O rings, metal chains, metal clips and the Torsion Spring Metal Support Bar - and the free satin love mask, it just doesn’t get better!

This love swing is carefully designed to be perfect for lovers of different sizes; the Fantasy Bondage Swing easily adjusts to any height or angle, saving you from contorting your body in uncomfortable positions that interfere with ea... [more about this sex toy]

Rated: (4.6)  sex toy rating sex toy review sex toy review sex toy review sex toy rating 

Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing

Sex Toy 474-20-29

Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing

This awesome Bondage swing makes even the hardest positions easy! This new and improved sex swing not only... [more about this sex toy]

Rated: (3.8)  sex toy rating sex toy review sex toy review sex toy review 

Door Mounted Sex Swings

If you want to experience the added excitement of a sex swing in your lovemaking but don’t have the ability to mount it on the ceiling and don’t want to buy a sex swing stand, then a door mounted sex swing is a great way to go.

While door mounted swings hold only 1 person and less weight than other sex swings, and more limited in what you can sex positions you can get into, they are far less expensive, very discrete, and easier to store and travel with.

Fantasy Door Swing

Sex Toy 474-20-26

Fantasy Door Swing

Take Your Love Swing Fantasy Anywhere, For Less! Holds Up To 300 lbs No Drilling, No Ha... [more about this sex toy]

Rated: (4.1)  sex toy rating sex toy review sex toy review sex toy review 

Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing

Sex Toy 474-20-30

Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing

Finally - a sex swing that's portable, discreet and very easy to set up! This versatile sex swing... [more about this sex toy]

Rated: (3.8)  sex toy rating sex toy review sex toy review sex toy review 

Leather Sex Swings/Harnesses

Just the look, feel and smell of quality leather is enough to make some of you cum, so just imagine how great it would be to have a leather sex swing that lets you comfortably get into exciting sexually positions for better penetration and angles to stimulate you and your lover like never before!

Leather is easy to clean and maintain and is extremely comfortable and durable and if treated right could last a lifetime. All of these swings can be ceiling mounted or used with a sex swing stand.

The design of these leather sex swing slings make it easier to get in and out of if you have mobility issues and offer better back support for those that need it.

Sort Toys By:  Rating    Price(Low to High)   (High to Low)    Name   Newest 1st   

Strict Leather Premium Sex Sling Sex Swing

Sex Toy 474-20-578

Strict Leather Premium Sex Sling Sex Swing

Comfort to the max, the Strict Leather Premium Black Leather Sex Sling is constructed of thick latigo leather with strong layered support straps along with a set of leather stirrups, a plush leather pillow and D-rings for all of your attachment needs.

Attractive and sturdy, this sex sling has an exceptional ergonomic design along with support and may be just what the doctor orders to sex more comfortable for both whoever is in it as well as the sex partner outside of it.

This sex sling requires that it be hung from above by 4 ropes or chains which are not included and it measures 37.5-inches long, 23-inches wide and... [more about this sex toy]

Rated: (4.6)  sex toy rating sex toy review sex toy review sex toy review sex toy rating 

Leather Sling Sex Swing

Sex Toy 474-20-579

Leather Sling Sex Swing

Nothing says sexy like leather and this strong sex swing is made from a sheet of thick high quality black leather with 2-ply support straps that stand up to as much as you can dish out.

This sling design offers more support that most other sex swings and the leather stirrups and plenty of D-rings make it functional and extremely versatile for all sorts of exciting sexual positions and situations you can dream up. It even comes with a Black leather pillow at no additional charge.

It can be hung from above with rope or a chain and fits any of our sex swing stands. It is 37-inches long... [more about this sex toy]

Rated: (4.5)  sex toy rating sex toy review sex toy review sex toy review sex toy rating 

Spinning Sex Swings

A Spinning Sex Swing Add a 360 degree twist to sex! You'll be dizzy with delight as this fully adjustable sex swing allows for hundreds of positions and a variety of combinations for one or two people.

I personally found that this swings spinning function is a nice change of pace from the other swings I tested and it quite easy to get used to. Even though a spinning swing is a lot of fun, we do not suggest it as your first sex swing as it will take longer to get all the benefits as compared to a standard swing.

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing

Sex Toy 474-20-28

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing

What is great about this spinning sex swing is that it makes it so that difficult sexual positions are no longer exclusive to the athletic and sexually gifted. Unlike ordinary stationary sex swings, Spinning Sex Swings rotate a full 360 degrees, so that you can spin freely while you swing with increased range of motion. With this sex swing you can twist and twirl while you are trying new positions you never thought were possible.

With some practice, any couple can perform the most difficult and stimulating sexual positions imaginable and enjoy the deep pleasures they arouse! Enjoy weightless sex in unlimited positions and explore your deepest fantasies with this incredible Spinning Fantasy Swing that has a weight limit of 350 pounds and... [more about this sex toy]

Rated: (3.9)  sex toy rating sex toy review sex toy review sex toy review 

Stands for Sex Swings

Sex swing stands are a great investment - especially for renters, people who live in mobile homes or condos who may not be able to mount a sex swing into the ceiling.

A sex swing is a tremendous way to improve your love life, especially if you have limited mobility so do not let your sex life be less exciting and limited by your bedroom ceiling when all you need is a sex swing stand that is easily to set up and take down and stores under your bed or in your closet.

Sort Toys By:  Rating    Price(Low to High)   (High to Low)    Name   Newest 1st   

Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing Stand Black

Sex Toy 474-20-580

Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing Stand Black

This is the Cadillac of sex swing stands because of its incredible stability and versatility which is just what you need to turn any room in your home into an exciting sexual playground or bondage playroom without having to drill holes and leave unsightly and telltale hardware in your ceiling.

This 92-inch wide by 66-inch long and 80-inch high sex swing stand has a heavy duty tubular steel frame which provides plenty of stability and freedom of movement and holds up to 400 pounds. It also has built in Bondage Loops, allowing you to connect a variety of your favorite bondage restraints, cuffs and ties to create exciting new bondage scenarios and explore new sexual positions you never thought possible while you swing your way into ecstasy.

Assembles in less than 10 minutes with the provided assembly tool, this sex swing stand works with single support swings... [more about this sex toy]

Rated: (4.7)  sex toy rating sex toy review sex toy review sex toy review sex toy rating 

Trinity Ultimate Sex Swing Stand Black

Sex Toy 474-20-581

Trinity Ultimate Sex Swing Stand Black

The Trinity Ultimate Sex Swing Stand offers complete freedom of movement with heavy steel construction and a free standing design that has a 400 pound weight limit. It also has a unique design that features built-in rings to accommodate a leather sling as well!

The stand is easy to assemble; most can do it in less than 10 minutes, and then disassemble it after the fun is done for easy storage. This sex swing stand is approximately 82 inches tall with a footprint of 85 inches by 58 inches at the base.

This sex swing stand will handle all of the sex swing and sex slings we have in our store and... [more about this sex toy]

Rated: (4.1)  sex toy rating sex toy review sex toy review sex toy review 

Universal Sex Swing Stand

Sex Toy 474-20-582

Universal Sex Swing Stand

This free standing steel sex swing stand has a 6 foot wide support stance which provides total stability and freedom of movement. It is 7-feet and has built in steel loops for added restraints. It assembles in less than 10 minutes and can be easily stored or transported when not in use.

This stand will support up to 400 lbs and works with sex swings and slings that have a single support and it does NOT work with the Bungee Swings... [more about this sex toy]

Rated: (3.9)  sex toy rating sex toy review sex toy review sex toy review 

My Real Erotic Love Swing Sex Story

My husband decided to surprise me with a present for our 14th anniversary. He came home with a very large box and a shit-eating grin on his face, so of course I rushed to open it up. My mind was racing. What could possibly be in this huge, heavy box? My first thought was, "If he bought me a God damned vacuum cleaner, I'm gonna kill him!" Thankfully, domesticity was not what he had in mind.

As I tore off the wrapping paper the first thing to catch my eye was a picture of a nude couple on the front of the box, with the words " LOVE SWING " boldly written above it. I looked up at him in amazement. "You bought me a fucking swing?"

"Baby, I know you've wanted one for a long time." He said, smiling.

"No sweetheart." I said, with only the slightest sarcastic tone. "You've wanted this for a long time, not me. I wanted a new piece of jewelry. Let's face it, you bought yourself an anniversary present."

"But it'll be fun baby, you know it will. Just let me get it set up."

"OK," I sighed. And went back to my computer while he went about setting this contraption up. The first thing he took out of the box were these big, heavy chains. I stared at him. "CHAINS! You're putting chains on my ceiling?"

"Relax baby." He smiled. "Go back to work." So I went back to work, but kept glancing over at this monstrosity that was hanging in the middle of my bedroom.

When he finally got it up, (no pun intended), he came over to me. "Ready to try it out?" He asked.

"OK." I said, and took a deep breath. I should preface this by telling you that my bedroom has a vaulted ceiling so it was pretty high up there. Take into consideration that I am all of 4'10" and you can understand my trepidation. He grabbed my handy-dandy little footstool (I keep one in every room of the house. Hey, it's a must for those of us who are vertically challenged.), pulled off my T-shirt and thong and told me to climb on.

After a few minutes of slipping down through the straps and pulling myself back up, I finally got adjusted. Leaning back, I let myself relax. It was actually pretty comfy. Antonio came over and put my feet into the stirrups and there I was, butt-ass naked, hanging from the ceiling with my legs spread wide and immobilized in stirrups. That in itself was exciting the hell out of me.

Antonio sat on my footstool, which brought his face right in line with my pussy. Teasing me, he began kissing my smooth outer lips. As he slowly ran his tongue along them, I started getting very wet. I wanted to feel his mouth on my clit, but since I was leaning back, my arms could not reach the back of his head to push his mouth into me. I was at his mercy and that made me even hotter. Slowly he took one lip into his mouth and sucked on it, then the other, his tongue tickling the soft pink inside of my lips. I was going crazy.

"Please." I said, as I squirmed around, trying to get my pussy closer to his mouth.

Unfortunately, all I managed to do was start myself swinging which brought me further away. Antonio put his hands on my ass and brought me closer to him. Starting at my asshole, he ran his tongue softly all the way to my clit. "Oh God baby, more." I pleaded. And being the kind, generous person that he is, he obliged me. Placing his mouth right over my clit, he began swirling his tongue on it, getting it harder. My pussy was dripping. I would be begging him to make me cum any minute and he knew it. He then started flicking his tongue hard against my swollen clit and I was right on the edge. "Now baby! Suck it! Suck my clit!"

He suck ed...I screamed. My hands were gripping the swing so hard my knuckles were turning white. My pussy opened up and I started gushing. The contractions from my orgasm were so strong that my juices just shot out all over his face.. his chest.. the floor. It was a fantastically violent climax and left me totally limp. But he wasn't through with me, by any means.

Standing up he brought his cock to my pussy, grabbed the straps of the swing, and just pulled me onto him. My body hadn't even had time to calm down and this started another orgasm. This was so cool. Being suspended in air, and swinging into orgasmic bliss. Talk about rocking my world! As his fucking got harder, he grabbed the bar above my head for leverage and really gave it to me. His cock was pounding into me, fucking me harder than he ever had before and I was loving it. My cum was running down his balls and legs. The floor was soaked. I could feel his cock throbbing, getting ready.

"I'm gonna cum, baby." He grunted and pulled me tight up against him. I felt his body tense as he let out a load moan and exploded inside me.

We were both spent. He let go of the swing and it moved away slightly, sliding my pussy off his cock. "God baby, that was great." I said. He leaned over and kissed me.

"Happy anniversary honey." He smiled. "Now, didn't I tell you that you'd like it?"

"Yes baby, you did. Now help me down from here!" He took my legs out of the stirrups and helped me down with a kiss. Then unhooked the swing from the chain and put away in the closet for the next time...his turn.

So, I did enjoy my anniversary present very much. And although the swing is put away, I still have a chain across my ceiling. We’ve told my daughter that it’s for a piece of exercise equipment. Not a total lie, but do you think she bought it?


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