Glass Sex Toys from Real Sex

Girls went crazy on HBO's Real Sex TV episode 27 when they used these original glass adult sex toys called Asstroknots. Everyone reacts at the sight of these works of art, wait until you use them! These unique sexual stimulators are beautifully hand crafted from solid Boronex rods making them not only the best adult glass sex toys made, they last a lifetime.

Glass adult sex toys are hypo allergenic and stay slick longer than rubber or plastic toys do. Asstroknots hold no odors, bacteria or viruses making them the best safe sex toy made – perfect for those who "share".

What is Boronex? Boronex is a unique form of glass that is not damaged even when heated to 600 degrees, or frozen in a solid block of ice. Because of its durability, it has been used for decades in homes and commercial kitchens.

Asstroknots come with a gorgeous padded velvet bag for ultimate safe and discrete storage of your glass sex toy.

There are knock offs using inferior glass, adding poor quality colors that effect the strength of the glass, multi-layering for bumps or veins, or using inferior or no annealing techniques which strengthens glass to make it safe. They warn you that you can’t put their toys in the dishwasher or even use hot water on their glass sex toys since they are not made from the exclusive material or made to the same stringent quality as the original Asstroknots glass sex toys are made to.

Asstroknots may be sterilized, washed, cleaned with alcohol, boiled, or autoclaved. We have links to some discounted toys on this site that are not quite as good as the original since they are about one third the price. We have tested these discounted glass sex toys and determined that they are as safe and have our stamp of approval.

Asstroknots glass adult sex toys are 100% safe and each unit is carefully inspected to insure quality. After years of testing and use, the only glass sex toys that have broken or chipped are those that have fallen onto tile or marble.

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